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Профессия дизайнер на английском

Profession of a Designer

The positive thing of this profession is that it gives you challenges, gives you possibilities to create and get satisfaction from fulfilled the task seeing the results of your work. However, design i.

The positive thing of this profession is that it gives you challenges, gives you possibilities to create and get satisfaction from fulfilled the task seeing the results of your work. However, design industry is growing in great paces worldwide. Competition is number one in this sphere and you are to be the best to become successful and get the job. Besides, the advertisement influences our lives greatly. Another fact is that a designer can use it in an ethical way or visa versa. Indeed, the design profession has a high under-employment rate. That is why it is really difficult to find a good job with decent salary at a design company, to make up a good advertisement.

In fact, profession of a designer consists of several ones as it demands communicational, technical, analytical, artistic and advertisement skills. You must be really a good designer having necessary qualifications and most importantly necessary skills to obtain a good job. There are no regulations in designer sphere and everyone can say he is a designer and use unethical advertisement programs. Such designers can perform their work bad making company directors paying lower salaries to others. He will not pay you a good salary being unsure in the quality of your work. In addition universities accept many people who want to become designers overcrowding the designer market.

A designer is a craftsman of his affair. He must have talent and an understanding of the today’s world. He is a professional in ‘visual communication’. The role of a designer consists in the creation of images, languages to display some messages and to reach his purposes. It is a pity that all the above mentioned things can be nothing without good advertisement. He needs to use some advertisement programs to find a work. A designer is a craftsman who operates in a completely new way mastering language and image means, mixing traditional knowledge of a subject and personal ideas, realizing communication tools. Communication and sales skills are significant for this profession if you want to be successful.

Designers work many hours and to meet a deadline they have to work overtime. This work requires hard work with deadlines. You must be sure you can work this way to take up the designer career. If you still want to become a designer you should decide what type of a designer you want to choose. A designer requires much more than just the talent in drawing. This profession requires attention to technical side of a matter, communication with clients and directors, and surely advertisements.

Nowadays, visual communication professionals possessing technological and managerial skills issue the challenge to perform not only designers’ tasks but also fulfilling the role of art directors and managers, advertising own projects in order to take root to international markets. Today, designers must solve difficult designers’ tasks – planning team activities, managing public relations, clients’ problems and producing ethical advertisement.

Thus, a profession of a designer is the combination of personal creative abilities and technical knowledge of a subject. It is a mix of cultural knowledge with analytical abilities. A real designer is a person who understands the dynamics and the inner context of his affair. He is the one who generates the visual presentation and design of goods. Designers usually work on a project under great time pressure and defined financial and design limits. To perform work of a high quality a designer must unite the best parts of different sources into some image. Besides, this work assumes the use of research material and price specifications, the ability to meet deadlines, financial restrictions, creation of a number of work samples and sketches displaying several work models from different points of view.

I think it is not so easy to be a designer, to take a note of comments concerning own projects, to have a good understanding of today’s world and its demands, to create several sketches of the same work. Also, the work of a designer assumes some amount of project rejects, period of success and failures. The work of designers means understanding your clients’ wishes, helping them in achieving their goals by focusing on things that can be fulfilled, translating these purposes into work projects. A designer must value tradition as well as creativity, change, improvement, and relevance to the modern time. This work can be compared to the work of an artist: you fully depend on your talent, your abilities and fortune. Sometimes it is an exhausting work: working long time on a project, endless meeting with people and collaborators. The life of a designer is unpredictable and can change suddenly both in good and bad way. Sometimes you are successful and earn great money having the opportunity to choose client, sometimes you have failures and cannot find a single client.

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My Future Profession as a Designer

Сочинение на тему «Моя будущая профессия – дизайнер»

на английском языке с переводом на русский язык

My Future Profession as a Designer

Моя будущая профессия – дизайнер

The aspiration to beauty is a natural characteristic of a human. Everyone would like to live in a picturesque place, have a nice house with a harmonious interior, and wear stylish clothes. The sense of beauty makes people admire historical sights, visit art galleries, exhibitions, and concerts of their favorite singers or musicians. Sometimes the wrapping of a present is as important for us as its content; when we choose a book or a magazine, the visual appearance of an edition is also very significant.

Стремление к красоте – естественное свойство человека. Каждый хотел бы жить в живописном месте, иметь хороший дом с гармоничным интерьером и носить стильную одежду. Чувство прекрасного заставляет людей восхищаться историческими достопримечательностями, посещать картинные галереи, выставки и концерты любимых певцов или музыкантов. Иногда упаковка подарка так же важна для нас, как её содержимое; когда мы выбираем книгу или журнал, внешний вид издания тоже очень значим.

Therefore, it is obvious that design plays a great role in the modern world. It existed in all the epochs: for example, ancient Greeks and Romans paid attention to architecture, fashion, and even makeup. Later, European aristocrats built luxurious, richly decorated castles and mansions, bought carved furniture and silverware, invented various models of dresses, shoes, and hats. However, since the 20 th century, beautiful things have become commonly available: now every person takes care of design during his or her daily life.

Поэтому очевидно, что дизайн играет огромную роль в современном мире. Он существовал во все эпохи: например, древние греки и римляне уделяли внимание архитектуре, моде и даже макияжу. Позднее европейские аристократы строили роскошные, богато украшенные замки и поместья, покупали резную мебель и серебряную посуду, создавали разнообразные модели платьев, обуви и шляп. Однако с XX века красивые вещи стали общедоступными: сейчас любой человек в своей повседневной жизни заботится о дизайне.

Of course, the need for specialists in design is constantly rising. There are many types of design that require different skills: clothing design, advertising design (for example, the development of logotypes), website design tied with computer graphics, etc. As for me, I study book design at the university to work in a publishing: I am interested in the design of gift editions, albums, and books about painting. My future profession is rather traditional, but, in my opinion, it is one of its advantages, along with usefulness and aesthetic pleasure.

Конечно, потребность в специалистах по дизайну неизменно растёт. Есть много типов дизайна, которые требуют разных умений: дизайн одежды, рекламный дизайн (например, разработка логотипов), дизайн сайтов, связанный с компьютерной графикой, и т.д. Что касается меня, я изучаю книжный дизайн в университете, чтобы работать в издательстве: меня интересует дизайн подарочных изданий, альбомов и книг о живописи. Моя будущая профессия достаточно традиционна, но, на мой взгляд, это одно из её достоинств – наряду с пользой и эстетическим удовольствием.

По английскому языку задали зделать проект профессия я выбрала Дизайнера. Но написать про него нужно на анг.

Profession Designer is an interesting, creative and inventive. In addition, it is now very popular. Get a designer to work easily even without experience. Its main plus-master the profession can be at any age.
Тhe very notion of «design» is applied to any spheres of activity. But common for designers of different fields is the assiduity, extraordinary vision and creativity in applying design decisions. it is also important to hard work and patience.

The profession of Interior Designer
Profession of Interior Designer appeared not so long ago and immediately became wildly popular.
Obustraival every man Before their apartment or House. but now many people are increasingly employ the services of an interior designer.
Specialist will help you choose the most suitable variant of registration, or will do it in the style that you choose. But with the necessary aesthetic requirements and acceptable combinations.

The profession of landscape designer landscape design Profession has replaced the profession still appeared the gardener in the 16TH century and constantly improved.
Is a landscape designer florist, botanist and počvovedom at the same time. in addition, he is an architect and artist.
A specialist would be able to competently make your garden or smallholding, and ennoble it. It correctly selects and combines plants that will feel good under the circumstances and, if desired, decorate the plot various sculptures.

Designer clothing Profession Profession designer clothing is innovation. the inner world of man is unique and designers must take into account the tastes of everyone. so they are constantly engaged in developing new models of clothing that will suit the requirements of all clients.
Fashion designer has good taste and creative thinking. in addition, he is well versed in the tissues, their combined and apply all the acquired knowledge for tailoring.

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Advertisement Designer Profession Profession designer advertising the most promising and demanded from all directions in the field of design.
Advertising Designer will correctly apply their knowledge and skills within the framework of the ad agency and the Outlook of the company. This involves balancing between creativity and implement their ideas.
Advertisement Designer sees things with non-standard parties and knows how best to display their products or services to the consumer.

The designer’s Profession have advantages and disadvantages.
Is one of the most prestigious and well-paid activity. the designer is unlimited scope for its fancy. It can implement all your ideas and get paid for it. But the designer must have perseverance and hard work, to be able to take the other person’s point of view, to compromise with their beliefs, and in some cases insist his client and convince.

Fashion designer Profession plays an important role in the world of fashion. Expert in this sphere creates new models of clothing, headgear and footwear fashion Designer. can achieve much and become a famous Couturier. but it requires a huge work.

PS: в презентацию проекта вставишь соответствующие тексту картинки!))))) ) и.

Топик по английскому «Моя будущая профессия — художник» (My Future Profession Is An Artist)

“What should I choose as my future profession?” – This is a question that every young person asks himself entering the adult world. Of course, it’s not an easy thing to choose a profession out of more than 2,000 existing in the world. It’s especially difficult if you like doing different things, if you have different hobbies and interests.

Almost half of a person’s life passes at work. So it’s extremely important to make the right choice of a profession. Psychologists believe that the choice of a future profession must be in accordance with the individual’s talents and abilities. In order to make the right choice you have to analyze your interests and abilities and try to understand what you’d like to achieve in your life.

For example, I like biology. I adore animals, plants, insects, and all forms of life. I spend many hours reading books about wild nature, characters and habits of animals, underwater life etc. I believe that nature is so mysterious and powerful, that it’s natural to admire it and to devote all your life to its exploration.

But it’s not my only hobby. Most of all I like painting and I want to be an artist. As a child, I began to draw everything I saw around myself. I drew my parents, my friends, my kitten, flowers and other things. Then I entered art school and began to study painting.

My parents doubt this is the right decision. They say this profession demands on you to give it all your energy and passion and one must be fully dedicated to it in order to achieve perfection. At the same time nowadays it’s difficult to earn your living with painting. But I don’t agree with them.

I think that modern life open new horizons for artists and they can work in many fields today. Many artists work as designers for advertising agencies or for web design studios. Yes, there are many designers who draw with computer programs like Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator, but the skill of drawing by hand is highly appreciated in many design studios. Besides, such job demands not only computer knowledge, but also creative thinking of an artist.

So I look in my future with optimism and hope to become an artist.


«Какую профессию мне выбрать?» — вот вопрос, который задает себе каждый молодой человек, вступающий во взрослую жизнь. Конечно, нелегко выбрать профессию из 2000, которые существуют сегодня. Особенно трудно это сделать, если у вас есть различные интересы и хобби.

Человек проводит на работе почти полжизни. Поэтому это очень важно — правильно выбрать профессию. Психологи считают, что профессию нужно выбирать в соответствии с индивидуальными способностями и талантами человека. Чтобы сделать правильный выбор, вы должны подумать какие у вас етсь способности, что вам нравится делать и постараться понять, чего вы хотите достичь в жизни.

Например, я люблю биологию. Я обожаю животных, растения, насекомых и вообще все формы жизни. Я много читаю о дикой природе, о характерах и повадках животных, о жизни подводного мира и т.д. Иногда мне кажется, что природа так могуществена и загадочна, что это естественно — восхищаться ею и посвятить всю жизнь ее исследованию.

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Но это не единственное мое хобби. Больше всего я люблю рисовать и хочу быть художником. В детстве я рисовал все, что видел вокруг себя. Я рисовал родителей, друзей, котенка, цветы и т.д. Потом я поступил в художественную школу и стал учиться рисованию.

Мои родители сомневаются, что мое решение правильное. Они говорят, что эта профессия требует полной самоотдачи. В то же время в наши дни с помощью этой профессии трудно заработать на жизнь. Но я с ними не согласен.

Я считаю, что современная жизнь открывает перед художниками новые горизонты, и они могут работать в разных областях. Многие художники работают дизайнерами в рекламных агентствах или в студиях веб-дизайна. Да, многие дизайнеры рисуют с помощью компьютерных программ, таких как Photoshop или Adobe Illustrator, но умение рисовать от руки очень высоко ценится во многих студиях дизайна. Кроме того, такая работа требует не только компьютерных знаний, но и творческого мышления художника.

Поэтому я смотрю в будущее с оптимизмом и надеюсь стать художником.

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Презентация для урока английского языка по теме «Моя будущая работа- дизайнер

Профессия дизайнер является одной из самых высокооплачиваемых и престижных профессий на сегодняшний день.Дизайнер делает нашу жизнь красивой и нарядной. Это профессия дает возможность реализовать человеку свой творческий потенциал. Профессия применима ко многим видам человеческой деятельности.

Просмотр содержимого документа
«Презентация для урока английского языка по теме «Моя будущая работа- дизайнер »

The designer is the creator of world around


  • History of profession
  • Aim of Profession
  • Features of profession
  • Where do you get profession
  • Where do you get profession
  • Where do you get profession
  • Where do you get profession

The history of design can be carried to ancient times when the person for the first time faced questions of convenience and ergonomics of instruments of labor and other household items

The history of design can be carried to ancient times when the person for the first time faced questions of convenience and ergonomics of instruments of labor and other household items. .

Soon, in the 20th years of the 20th eyelid, there were first schools of design which became a response to mass need for experts

The designer helps people to see beauty in usual things, does their life brighter, comfortable, joyful

Features of Profession


Duties of desighner

Where do you get profession

For work good knowledge of the humanities, an esthetics, skills in graphics and painting, technical knowledge of that area where this expert works can be demanded.

Kinds of professions

That the designer of polygraph does: — design of the booklet; — design of the catalog; — design of advertizing; — design of business cards; — design of brochures; — design of handbills;

— processing of photos; — development of corporate styles .

That the designer of polygraphy does: — design of the booklet; — design of the catalog; — design of advertizing; — design of business cards; — design of brochures; — design of handbills;

— processing of photos; — development of corporate styles

The fashion designer develops clothes collections, selects fabrics. It is in continuous creative search, developing new composite decisions.

Fitodizigner-the specialist in gardening and decoration of interiors by means of vegetable compositions. Elements of a profession can be received on short-term courses or at schools of floristics and a phytodesign.

  • development of the concept and corporate style of the web project or appendix; creation of the design layout of standard pages; development of the user interface
  • development of the concept and corporate style of the web project or appendix; creation of the design layout of standard pages; development of the user interface
  • development of the concept and corporate style of the web project or appendix; creation of the design layout of standard pages; development of the user interface
  • development of the concept and corporate style of the web project or appendix;
  • creation of the design layout of standard pages;
  • development of the user interface

food-designer – artly makes out dishes with food.

3D – the designer – Future profession! 3D designer develops and creates design of three-dimensional objects and models

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