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Powerpoint video converter

Top 10 PowerPoint to V >

Software that easily converts PowerPoint presentations to videos is a useful tool for anyone wanting to share their files on social media, blogs, or on video sharing sites. Converting your PowerPoint presentation to video before posting will protect your presentation from modification and repackaging by someone else. It will also facilitate playback on portable and handheld devices, which is particularly important if you are a teacher or educator wanting to share your presentations with students by posting them on a learning management system (LMS) or in an eLearning course.

Here are ten of the top PowerPoint to video converters.

1. iSpring River

iSpring River integrates with PowerPoint as a tab right in the software, to help you convert your slideshows to MP4 format and upload directly to YouTube with a single click. The video file it creates is compatible with a variety of desktop and handheld devices (including Android devices) and both Windows and Mac operating systems.

The features include:

  • all multimedia, transitions, fonts, styles, and animations are preserved after the conversion
  • instantly upload to YouTube without having to save the video on your computer
  • adjustable video quality and size (you can choose HD video format)
  • works as a PowerPoint add-in

River is useful for teachers and trainers in the education and corporate sectors to convert even the most complex PowerPoint presentations to crystal-clear 1080p HD format for instant one-click publishing to YouTube right from the interface.

You can add narrations to your PowerPoint to turn it into a video lecture and use River to convert it with all effects preserved for playback on any device.

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Watch this demo to see an example of what you can do with River: